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Blend Titles


I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside my friends at Gunner on 2019's Blend Titles. We had a blast working on it together and celebrated the premiere at Blend Fest.




creature and animal animation 

blending animation

Name slate character animation



Directed by Gunner

Original Score & Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Design & Illustration: Marcus Bakke, Ian Sigmon, Rachel Reid, Andy Most, James Noellbert

Conceptual Illustration: Slawek Fedorczuk, James Noellert, Marcus Bakke

2D Animation: Ian Sigmon, Nick Parente, Dan Stack, Evan Kempinski

Title Animation: Jordan Scott

Cel Animation: Rachel Reid, Andy Most, Marcus Bakke

3D Animation: Doug Alberts, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, John Hughes, Collin Leix, Handel Eugene, Nick Parente

3D Rigging: Chris Nelder, Nick Forshee, Marcus Bakke, Handel Eugene

3D Character Animation: Rachel Reid, Doug Alerts, John Hughes, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, Handel Eugene

3D modeling: Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, Billy Chitkin, Handel Eugene, Maritza Louis

VR Modeling: Collin Leix, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee

Compositing: Ian Sigmon, John Hughes, Collin Leix, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, Andy Most

Render Wrangler: Todd Hersey

Produced By: Brandon Delis


Copyright © Douglas Alberts. All rights reserved.

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