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Christianity Explored - The Gospel

I had the chance to lend a hand to the Ordinary Folk team on their Gospel project for Christianity Explored. It was an incredible opportunity to work with such talented artists from around the world.

Role: Animation & Design

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01:06 - 01:14

02:11 - 02:22


Creative Direction: Jorge R. Canedo E.

Production: Stefan Green

Christianity Explored Production: Ali Gledhill, Louanne Enns

Script: Jasmine Holmes, Collin Huber, Luis Canedo

VO: Thabiti Anyabwile

Design Direction: Grace Pedersen

Animation Direction: Greg Stewart

Design: Grace Pedersen, Sofie Lee, Doug Alberts

Animation: Doug Alberts, Greg Stewart, Victor Silva, Manuel Neto, Jose Peña, Phil Borst, Jorge R. Canedo E., Paul Slemmer

Character Animation: Manuel Neto, Victor Silva, Doug Alberts, Victor Ens, Joëlle Carreño

Music and SFX: Ambrose Yu


Copyright © Douglas Alberts. All rights reserved.

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